Gunther Alcerro

Growing up in Honduras, a variety of pets had a profound influence on me.

My first pet was a large German Shepherd mix named "SPOT" ( yes, like Dick, Jane and Sally). Very original is it not. Well, at that time I could care less about originality.  After Spot came Robin, Lucky, Kiki, Blackie and Husky. These were dogs who also managed to live with hens, rabbits, cats, and birds (not to mention 2 Caimans and snakes). I even had my own horse that I shared with other kids in the neighborhood.

When I graduated High School I moved to California to attend CSULB and majored in Industrial Psychology. I went on to study Fitness training at UCLA extension. I met my wife in college. Throughout the years of happiness we always felt there was something missing. Along came the most wonderful addition to our life, ​our daughter.

As our daughter grew, she got attached to animals and I thought that if I grew up with pets, it would be great for her to do the same. So needless to say we found a GSD (German Shepard Dog). Regretfully he passed away and my daughter was very sad for a about a year. Then on her 10th birthday she said what she really wanted was a dog. So, we adopted a GSD/Golden retriever mix from SPCALA. A year later we adopted a GSD ​puppy.

As you can tell I have always been surrounded by pets. I don't regret it. Actually I enjoy it so much, I now satisfy my ​ego by taking care of others' pets.

"Gunther has been walking our dog Molly, an 18 month old Labrador Retriever, for several months now. With two young children at home, it is not always easy for us to give Molly the exercise she needs. Gunther is always on time and very professional. Molly adores him. She responds well to his commands and direction. When she sees him walking up to the house, she wags her tail and gets so excited. She always comes home ready to relax so I know she is getting a good workout. Gunther also took care of our house and our cat Ashley as well as Molly when we were away for two weeks. He sent us daily reports and photos of our pets. He even bought Molly treats and a little tray for her water dish. It is obvious that he loves animals. It is a big relief to know that your pets and your home are in good hands. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gunther as a petsitter and/or trainer."

Margaret O'Connor, Molly's owner


"Gunther has been watching our dog, Carley, for several years now.  Carley just loves him. Even when he just comes over, she gets excited. He walks her around the block and feeds her. He also takes care to make sure it does not look like no one is home. He brings in the mail & papers and waters our house plants. Gunther is great.  I wouldn't let any one else watch our home & take care of our dog when we are not home.​"

Sam Dodds, Carley's owner


"Leaving your pets alone with a stranger is as terrifying to most people as handing over their kids to a stranger. But Gunther and his family (who often help) are legit pet-lovers and put us at ease immediately. They always give our pets extra attention and care, and e-mail us pictures each day while we're traveling. I enthusiastically recommend Gunther's pet-sitting services."

Robert Zimmer, One of Nine's, Stonzi's, Nikita's and Thai's owner